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What is zero waste?

The zero waste movement aims to reduce individuals’ waste outputs, and ensure that resources are used as effectively as possible. Single-use packaging is not an efficient way of consuming our earth’s finite resources. We buy in our products in bulk, in as minimal packaging as possible. We work with individual suppliers to create systems that mean packaging can be reused again and again, instead of being recycled. That is the circular economy in action! Our circular systems include locally roasted coffee from Roastology, rapeseed oil from a farm in South Yorkshire, olive oil and many of our liquid household cleaning products and body care products such as hand wash.

We aim to stock products that will allow our customers to minimise their impact on the environment. We have lots of eco-friendly ideas in store, many of them easy switches - ask us for some ideas. By bringing your containers from home and making small changes, you can start your zero waste journey!

How does it work?

Please bring any suitable empty, clean and dry container with you to the shop. Then follow our simple steps:


1. WEIGH You can weigh it on one of three sets of customer scales, writing down the empty weight on your container using one of our special crayons.

2. FILL Then simply fill up your container with as much product as you need (it doesn't have to be full, we sell everything, including liquids, by weight), and bring your containers to us at the till.

3. PAY We'll weigh your containers again, taking off the empty weight so you only pay for the product.


If you have forgotten your containers you are very welcome to use one of our recycled paper bags or we have some jars, bottles and produce bags for sale too. We're always happy to help with any questions!

Returns & Refunds

If a product is unexpectedly out of stock will refund you for that item. If you are unhappy with any products you receive from us please contact us on


The nature of a zero-waste shop means that we cannot guarantee that our products are allergen free.  Ingredients and allergens are listed in the shop but we would strongly recommend that customers with food allergies and intolerances avoid shopping with us. 

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