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Zero waste shopping Sheffield

Our ethos

Accessible, Evidenced, Eco-friendly

We consider a whole range of environmental issues when choosing which products to stock. For instance, paper packaging has its own problems - it is much more carbon and water intensive to produce than plastic. The paper bags we provide if you forget your containers are therefore 100% recycled.

In line with our evidence-based ethos, we are not an anti-plastic shop: bring your plastic takeaway containers and we’ll fill them with wholefoods! It makes us very happy when customers can reuse the containers they already have. We also stock jars, bags and other reusable, eco products to help you reduce your waste further.


We try to minimise environmentally damaging products and also consider social ethics in our decision making. For example, our products either avoid the use of palm oil or only contain RSPO certified palm oil. We love organic products yet we also would like our prices to be accessibe to everyone, so that no-one is priced out of becoming more zero waste. Therefore we stock a huge variety of bulk products alongside some reasonably priced organic products, and we will always keep our prices as low as we can.

We would love to hear your suggestions for products that you find difficult to purchase without packaging: we're up for a challenge and we will try to source products that will save our customers time and effort.

Zero waste shopping Sheffield